Kaleidoscopes - Page 12

Deco 2 Wheel

Fused Glass w/agate stone on brass Pedestal
12" x 12"

ARTIST:  Kathleen Hunt

PRICE:  $349


Hand held ceramic

ARTIST:  Steve Failows

PRICE:  $135

Reflection Scope

Plastic Body with liquid cell, 7"

ARTIST:  Will Smith

PRICE:  $93


Black Iridized stained glass body, windows of car are clear bevels, object case barrel is oil filled and rolls     4.5" x 9" x 4"

ARTIST:   Joanne Flatow

PRICE:   $259      
May be specially ordered

Brass scope with 3 interchangeable wheels
2 wheels with beads, flat glass, flat agate
6" x 7" x 2"

ARTIST:   Cheryl Koch

PRICE: $155    Special Order

While the kaleidoscope you may want is sold, they are generally crafted in limited editions and additional or similar pieces can be obtained.

Please note, Prices are subject to change without Notice as we cannot update this website fast enough to reflect current artist's price changes.