Kaleidoscope Index

There are 36 pages of kaleidoscopes with hundreds of pictures of scopes and images for your selection.  The NEW button indicates one or more New Scopes not seen on website before this latest update.

Page 1
David Kalish, Jon Haven, Charles Karadimos, Wiley Jobe, and Marc Tickle
Page 2
Blackfoot, David Collier, Janice Chesnik, Will Smith and Paretti
Page 3 Corki Weeks, Shelly Knapp, Judith Paul, Andrew Leary, Mannes, Paretti, Janice Chesnik and
Woodland Glass
Page 4
David Collier, Judtih Paul & Tom Durden, Luc & Sally Durette and Gary Allison, Andrew Leary
Page 5 Kathleen Hunt, Shipwrecked, David Kalish, Bob & Sue Rioux
Page 6 David Kalish, Ben Ansley, Sue Ross, Andrew Leary, and Parman Brothers
Page 7 Cheryl Koch, Ralph Olson, Massimo Strino, Michael Miron, Big Muddy and Ben Ansley
Page 8 Big Muddy, Paretti, Parman Brothers, Kathleen Hunt, Kaleidovisions, and Jon Haven
Page 9 Chuck Nelson, David Kalish, David Collier, Wayne Boyer, and Parman Brothers
Page 12
Will Smith,James Mindrup, Kathleen Hunt, and Kaleidovision
Page 11
Kathleen Hunt, Sherry Moser, Steve Failows, Will Smith, Joanne Flatow, and James Mindrup
Page 12
Kathleen Hunt, Steve Failows, Will Smith, Joanne Flatow and Cheryl Koch
Page 13 Innovative Kaleidoscopes by Henry Bergeson
Page 14 Wood Kaleidoscopes by Big Muddy
Page 15 Dichroic Object Wheel Kaleidoscopes by Janice Chesknik
Page 16
Awesome and Intricate Collier Kaleidoscopes
Page 17
Dotty McMillan Polymer Clay Kaleidoscopes
Page 18 Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes by Steve Failows
Page 19 Whimsical Wooden Kaleidoscopes by Jerry Farnsworth
Page 20 Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes by Joanne Flatow
Page 21 Stained Glass and Tin Kaleidoscopes by Marti Freund
Page 22 Silver Metalsmithing & Jewels Kaleidoscopes by Kevin and Deborah Healy
Page 23 Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes by Kathleen Hunt
Page 24
Wood Kaleidoscopes by Kaleidovisions
Page 25 Brass, Wood, Stained Glass and Fabric Kaleidoscopes by Corki Weeks
Page 26 Magnificent Steel Structure Kaleidoscopes by Robert Anderson
Page 27 Humerous Kaleidscopes by James Mindrup
Page 28
Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes by Sherry Moser
Page 29
Wood Kaleidoscopes by the Parman Brothers
Page 30
Kaleidoscopes by Judith Paul & Tom Durden
Page 31 Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes by Bob & Sue Rioux
Page 32
Paretti's Kaleidoscopes
Page 33 Blown Glass Kaleidoscopes by Shipwrecked
Page 34 Kaleidoscopes by Will Smith
Page 35
Kaleidoscopes by Woodland Glass
Page 36 Kaleidoscopes of Corki Week

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