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Rose Tin Musical Kaleidoscope

Revovling base

11" x 5"

Artist:  Paretti

PRICE:  $289

Christmas Scope

Two View Scope

Artist::  Durrette

PRICE:  $569


2 Mirror system

body made with bone from India, 7.75 "

ARTIST:  Massimo Strino

PRICE:  $329      #CRNXX

14" x 8" (table not included)

 ARTIST:  David Kalish

PRICE:  $439

This is a gorgeous new kaleidoscope by the artists.  It looks like a Japanese Shoji lamp.  This kaleidoscope functions in an unusual way/  It uses neither a wet cell nor a dry cell - nor a wand or wheel.  It actually focuses on a brightly colored hand dyed silk scarf which you slowly pull through the objective end of the large eight pointed two mirror system.  You, as the viewer, can control the movement of the fabric and will have the ability to change the visual patterns and to transform the patterns you are seeing.


A unique scope, unlike any other we have seen.  Height is 16", width 9" and overall length is 21".  Weight is 15 lbs.  2 mirror, 5 star mandala, hand sculptured cherry wood table model with adjustable viewing height.  Object lense is side lit with interchangeable lenses filled with silicon of 40-50 objects in case.  Object lens is at a 40 degree tilt producing a 3 dimensional tunnel effect.  It is signed and a limited edition of 200.  It comes with an external light source and one object lense of your choice (black, white or gold background).  Focal length is 16".

Artist:  John Haven

PRICE:  $2,900

Interior views of above scope


Polyangular image, wood

H 9.5" x D 6" x 4" W

ARTIST:  Wiley Jobe

PRICE:  $499   CEFXX

Marble Arch

Formed stained glass with blown glass filled marble by Shipwrecked Glass

The artist is no longer producing this kaleidoscope

5" x 5" x 2.5"

ARTIST:  Marc Tickle

PRICE:  $459     CEFXX

While the kaleidoscope you may want is sold, they are generally crafted in limited editions and additional or similar pieces can be obtained.

Please note, Prices are subject to change without Notice as we cannot update this website fast enough to reflect current artist's price changes.